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There are four primary ways to search for information within eCFRPlus:

1.  Use the Search Bar at the top of the main menu to search for text across all the documents.

This method will give you a list of the pages on which the term is found, and it works on all devices.  Click on the page name to see where the search term appears within the page.  The search term will be highlighted everywhere it appears on the page.  Use the back arrow of your browser to return to your search results.

2.  Use the green magnifying glass button to find text on a page.

3.  Use the built-in  “Find” feature of your browser to search for text within a page.

On a desktop computer or laptop, clicking CTRL+F (on a PC) or CMD+F (on a Mac) opens a “Find” window that will highlight the searched term on that page.  This works for most browsers, such as Chrome and Safari.

phones and tablets, the “Find” window can opened in Chrome by clicking on the arrow or 3 dots at the top right of the screen (Android devices) or the bottom right of the screen (i-Phones/i-Pads)  

4. Use the Annotations Tool search feature to find notes and tags that you created on a page.

Your highlights and notes created with the Annotations Tool can be searched within the tool.  For specific information on how to use the Annotations Tool, see “How to Highlight & Take Notes” link from the information drop-down menu.


Part 50: Protection of Human Subjects

Selected Regulations and Guidance for Drug Studies

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